Sunday, September 11, 2011
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I just released a significant update to SOSEX.  There are many bug fixes as well as several new goodies.

New Commands
  • !mdso – Just like !sos.dso, only several switches allow you to filter the output.  No more scrolling through pages of noise to find what you’re looking for.
  • !mfrag – Reports on FREE blocks in Gen2, lists objects following the free blocks, and lists pinned GCHandles that reference objects following FREE blocks.
  • !mt – Managed trace into.  Cleanly traces into a managed method, skipping runtime goo.
  • !mgu – Managed go up.  Cleanly traces out of a managed method, skipping runtime goo.
  • !mlocks – Lists all managed locks and unmanaged CriticalSections, along with their owner thread ID.
  • !mwaits – Lists all waiting threads and, if it can be determined, the lock objects they are waiting on.
  • !mu – Managed Unassemble.  Unassembles around the current IP or the specified IP and lists interleaved source, IL and native code.
  • !muf – Managed Unassebmble Function.  Unassembles the current or specified method and lists interleaved source, IL and native code.
Enhanced Commands
  • !mx is now AppDomain-aware.
  • Breakpoint commands are now AppDomain-aware.

Please consult the help (!, !sosex.sosexhelp or ! <Command>) for more detailed usage information.

Enjoy!  Download 32-bit  Download 64-bit

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