Wednesday, April 25, 2012
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Sosex has been updated to work with .NET 4.5.  This version of SOSEX has also been enhanced with DML pretty much everywhere.

The main new feature is the addition of heap indexing.  For large dumps, !bhi (Build Heap Index) will index all of the heap objects and all of the object references in a disk file.  This provides the ability for the new !mroot and existing !refs commands to very quickly locate object roots and references.  With a heap index, !mroot and !refs return nearly instantaneously.  By default, the index is named <DUMP_PATH_AND_NAME>_HeapIndex.bin.  If desired, you can specify your own filename by passing it as a parameter to the !bhi command.  To load a heap index that has already been built, run !lhi (Load Heap Index).  To clear the heap index and remove its resources from memory, run !chi (Clear Heap Index).  For very large dumps, it can take several minutes to build the heap index, but if you need to search for more than a few roots and references, this up-front time is well worth the cost.

As always, PLEASE feel free to offer feedback and/or bug reports to the email address listed by the help command or via the contact link on the site.  I’m generally very responsive to bug reports.  Enjoy!

Download: 32-bit  64-bit

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